Statement on Governor’s Transportation Funding Plan

John Lee

“The members of the Boston Carmen’s Union ATU Local 589 are on the front lines of providing accessible and effective public transportation every day. Based on that experience, our Union is fully supportive of Governor Deval Patrick’s comprehensive plan to fund public transit across the Commonwealth as a real solution to a imminent crisis,” said John Lee, Union President / Business Representative.
“The Patrick plan is an aggressive response to an issue that effects the entire Massachusetts economy. It addresses tax revenue initiatives that are necessary to rebuild, expand and maintain transit services that assist businesses and benefit the environment while keeping us competitive with neighboring states. We believe a dedicated revenue stream is the most viable plan to address the fiscal problems of the state’s transportation system. Expanding rail service and addressing the connect-ability issues with the Regional Transit Agencies will make us a 21st century transportation system that will benefit all of Massachusetts,” concluded Lee.

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    • j cat on January 19, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    since the sales tax revenues are falling, the solution would be to increase the income tax. with new hampshire ,the higher the sales tax here in massachusetts ,the more sales tax revenue is lost.

    the increased revenue would be used to expand the public transportation system is not a good way to spend this money. lets use this to improve our system to the 21st century. we still have a 1900 transit system. lets install new lines / track to speed up the flow of rail vehicles, rather than go for expanding the system.

    on the equipment purchased no more low bid contracts. no deals on defective equipment. if its defective we dump them.

    • Mark Gerling on January 16, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    John, Governor Patrick’s proposal even made the 11pm news, here in Albany. Congrats to you, your members, & ATU locals throughout the state! I know you’ve done the leg work to promote dedicated funding of transportation systems, & the benefits it provides Massachusetts!!!

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