ATU International President Hanley’s Statement on the Election

Photo of Amalgamated Transit Union International President Larry Hanley.WASHINGTON, DC – Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), released the following statement on the re-election of President Barack Obama.

“Working families across this great country have spoken with the re-election of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. It is time for our nation to move forward and continue the fight for economic and social justice for all Americans.

“Throughout our country’s economic crisis, politically divisive times and the bruising campaign, President Obama and Vice President Biden have stood for mass transit and with working families in the face of an all out assault on the middle class across the United States.

“We are proud of the role ATU members across the country played in an unprecedented campaign to mobilize transit riders to vote and elect pro-transit and pro-worker candidates like Tammy Duckworth, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Murphy, Tammy Baldwin and others. From Cleveland to Denver to Seattle to Jacksonville, over 10,000 of our brothers and sisters reached out to more than one million passengers at bus stops and transit centers.

“On behalf of 190,000 members of the Amalgamated Transit Union we congratulate President Obama and Vice President Biden on this historic victory. We look forward to working together over the next four years to move our nation forward for all Americans.”

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