Local 589 College Scholarship Winners

Six students, the sons and daughters of Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 members, will be getting financial assistance through the Union’s college scholarship program this fall. Assistant Secretary Peggy LaPaglia presented the six Local 589 families with their scholarship awards at the Massachusetts AFL-CIO Scholarship event on May 10th.

The Local 589 Scholarship award winners are:

  • Celia Yuen, daughter of Hong Ping Yuen (Redline repairman – Cabot Shops) and she will be attending the University of Chicago this fall.
  • David Crowell, son of Richard Crowell (Pensioner – Redline repairman – Cabot Shops) and he will be attending Boston University.
  • Alejandro Miranda, son of Mauro Miranda (Bus operator – Bennett Street garage) and he will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  • Shannon Conneely, daughter of Patrick Conneely (Trackman E&M -Green line) and she will be attending Yale University.
  • Julia Marduesz, granddaughter of Charles Collyer, Jr. (Pensioner – Quincy Garage) who will be attending Trinity College. 
  • Kacie Clinton, daughter of Kevin Clinton (Inspector – Arborway Garage) who will be attending Worcester State University.

Congratulations to all the winners and their families.

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