MBTA: Have you seen this spitter?

Boston Herald | Renee Nadeau Algarin | April 23, 2012

The MBTA has released surveillance video of two teens who allegedly spit at and threatened a bus driver last week in hopes of bringing them to justice.

The incident took place around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday after a suspect believed to be in his late teens refused to pay when he boarded a Route 28 bus at Ruggles Station, putting only a quarter in the fare machine when told by the 51-year-old driver to either pay up or get off the bus, according to the MBTA.

The teen can be seen in the video spitting in the driver’s face, hitting the man’s eyes, mouth, forehead and the bus window. The suspect’s friend, who had boarded the bus at the same stop, motioned to his waistband and told the driver, “You want some of this, you really want this,” making the driver fear the teen was packing a gun, according to the T.

The two teens then fled the bus.

T police took a DNA swab of the spit, they said. The policy, instituted last year after a spike in assaults on bus drivers, links into an FBI database in an effort to track down spitters.

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