2 arrested after MBTA bus driver allegedly assaulted

(Courtesy of Channel 7 – WHDH) NEWTON, Mass. — Two suspects were arrested in Newton after police say they talked their way into a free MBTA bus ride to court, and then beat up the driver who helped them.

7News cameras rolled as police cuffed 24-year-old Kelly Galvin and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Jesse Cedrone.

Friday morning, the two got on a bus heading towards Newton center. Police say Galvin told the driver her purse was stolen so she had no money, and driver let them ride.

“As they were getting off the bus she noticed the female who said her purse was stolen actually in fact had a purse on her. So she was not appreciative of this, the bus driver, she told her so. She said, ‘Don’t expect that to happen again,’” said Lt. Bruce Apotheker of the Newton Police Department.

Two hours later, the same driver pulled back up to another stop on her route where the two were waiting. Police say Galvin rushed on the bus and spit in the drivers face, then attacked her.

“The bus driver stands up and is pulled from the bus by the suspect, pulling clumps of her hair. She punches her, she kicks her, she bites her finger very badly,” said Lt. Apotheker.

The two got in a cab around the block them jumped on another bus trying to make their getaway, but police caught up to them. A belligerent Galvin resisted arrest, screaming and kicking a female officer in the leg.

“It’s a horrible thing, this bus driver; she’s just doing her job. She’s trying to do the right thing, she’s making a living and she’s viciously attacked at work. That shouldn’t happen to anybody,” said Lt. Apotheker.

Police say the two suspects may have been on drugs at the time or their arrest. The bus driver went to the hospital, but is fine.

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