Sister Sharina Averts Tragedy

A photo of MBTA bus driver and Union Sister Sharina Byrd. Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald.

With less than a month on the job, MBTA bus driver and Union Sister, Sharina Byrd showed courage, professionalism and concern for her passengers under the most extreme conditions.

On Tuesday night, as she was driving her 86 bus down Chestnut Hill Avenue when a man reached in front of her and pushed the steering wheel to the left, sending the bus into the oncoming traffic lane.

At the same time, Byrd pulled the emergency brake, stepped on the brakes, and wrested control of the steering wheel away from the man.  Once the bus came to a stop, she followed MBTA training and opened the door, and the man ran off the bus.

Thanks to Sister Sharina’s courage and quick thinking, no one in or outside her bus was injured.  Her actions are an inspiration and a testament to the dedication that all employees have for their jobs and their customers.

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