2011 is the year the ATU fights back with COPE-PLUS!

The transit cuts keep coming.  The layoffs are endless.  Fare increase push customers away.  Not long ago, a transit worker had a good middle class job for life.  Those days are over.  Will the crisis ever end? Only if we fight back, and THAT TIME IS NOW!  This year, ATU is launching a new program called “COP-PLUS”

Here’s how it works:

ATU will return to each local union every dollar contributed above their 2010 contribution level for the purpose of conducting grassroots coaltiion campaigns in their communitin aimed at restoring transit service that has been cut in recent years and getting our members back to work.  And, we will match the money sent back to each local dollar for dollar.  This special program will aplly during 2011.

Mobilize your member.  Get the tools you need to win.  It’s time to get back on the bus!  2011 is the year the ATU fights back.  Fight back with COPE-PLUS today!

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