Image of a graduate cap and some books.The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Scholarships are available to all high school seniors living in Massachusetts. Students with union affiliation will be eligible for both the Mass AFL-CIO scholarships as well as the union scholarships offered by the union that the student is affiliated with.

Please view and download our scholarship brochure, study guide and application at for a complete list of union scholarships and their criteria.

Students that live out of state and come from a union affiliation must get permission from their high school guidance department to have an exam sent for them.  The contact from the high school should then contact Meghann Connolly at 781-324-8230 x28 for further instructions.


All students must:

  • Be a senior in high school and plan to attend some form of higher education in the fall.
  • Sign up with the exam coordinator at the  high school by January 20th, 2011 to have an exam ordered for them.
  • Complete the scholarship application and download the study guide from our website at:
  • Take the Labor History Exam on February 2, 2011

Applications can be mailed to Massachusetts AFL-CIO, 389 Main Street, Suite 101, Malden, MA. 02148 Attention: Meghann Connolly or Faxed to (781) 324-8225.

Deadline to register: January 20th, 2011

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