Passenger assaults bus driver

BOSTON (FOX 25 / – A Boston woman was arrested for interfering with public transportation.

Natacha Andre, 36, was taken into custody yesterday after police say she assaulted the bus driver behind the wheel of the MBTA bus on Route 31 from Mattapan to Forest Hills.

According to police, Andre failed to pay her fare. When the bus driver told her to pay it, Andre allegedly returned to the back of the bus, started ringing the bell and disturbing the other passengers.

Police say Andre then began changing her clothes. Andre was told she could not change her clothes on the bus. When the bus stopped adjacent to 767 Morton St. in Mattapan, police say Andre yelled at the bus driver, called her a bitch twice and spit in her face.

Andre then produced a long, pointed metal pipe, according to police. That’s when passengers began to yell and told the bus driver to close the doors before Andre could re-enter the bus.

The bus operator was struck in the left arm with the metal pipe through the window, police said.

Andre left the seat, but was arrested one block away on Blue Hill Avenue.

The victim was taken to Carney Hospital by ambulance. Her condition is not know

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