Anti-Privatization Event with Cong. Joe Kennedy

Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 2) at 11 a.m., U.S. Cong. Joe Kennedy will do a walk-through of the Quincy Bus Garage (954 Hancock St, Quincy MA, 02170). 

Joining him will be Boston Carmen’s Union, Local 589 President Jim Evers and Machinists Union, Local 264 Directing Business Rep. Mike Vartabedian.

After the walk-through, Cong. Kennedy along with Evers and Vartabedian will address the Fiscal & Management Control Board’s plan to privatize some new bus routes.

All members and retirees are encouraged to attend.

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    • jcmbta on February 2, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    I hope that MR Kennedy will support , to return our rights improving our health care in the contract .
    The Demorats under Obama with the vote of sen liz and markey took away our great heath care insurance.
    we have NO rights to negotiate anything about the health care.
    If your in need of major health issues , this current plan will create a great loss .

    Privatization is a political action of theft of taxpayer money. the commuter rail contractor is a rip off and creating the MBTA to cause this transportation mess.. I hope that Mr Kennedy will support public transit and work hard in the senate to provide modernization funding on transit systems across the country.
    whats going on now is the politicians are doing nothing for the people . they in congress only want the power to steal our taxes.. House of representatives NOW is a useless body to do no transit improvements.

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