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Jan 06

Tax Information for 2015

Tax Information for 2015 2015 Union Dues ———————$936.00 2015 Union Assessments———–$65.00                                                           __________ Total—————————————$1,001.00   Health Insurance Cost All deductions for your health insurance in 2015 were …

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Jan 13

Tax Information for 2014

2014 Union Dues: $884.00 2014 Union Assessments: $150.00 Total: $1,034.00 Health Insurance Cost: All deductions for your Health Insurance in 2014 were PRE-TAXED. Therefore they may not be deducted on your personal taxes. If you should need your Health Insurance deductions, they would appear on your last Payroll stub of 2014. Fraternally, John A. Clancy Recording Secretary …

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