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In Memoriam

inmemoriamWe pay tribute to all our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. Their hard work, dedication, and sacrifices in fighting for the rights and dignity of transit workers have paved a path for what we enjoy today. It is because of them that we have stronger voice in the workplace and a better quality of life. We honor and salute their memory.
June 2017:
6/13/17 Michele M Haynes-Corbett Retiree Charlestown Bus

May 2017:
5/30/17 Jacqueline S Favale Retiree Everett Shops
5/28/17 Walter A Murray Retiree Reservoir Car House
5/26/17 Francis X Maloney Retiree Cabot Bus
5/10/17 Thomas J Fahey Jr Retiree Red Line
5/6/17 George A Graham Retiree Arborway Bus
5/6/17 James U Vose Retiree Green Line
5/5/17 David B Turner Sr Retiree Charlestown Bus

April 2017:
4/20/17 Edward S Deptula Retiree Green Line
4/18/17 James P Dowd Retiree Charlestown Bus
4/15/17 Richard A Marcella Retiree Red Line AFC
4/12/17 Richard L Fortier Active Southampton Bus
4/2/17 Walter K Ford Retiree Charlestown Bus

March 2017:
3/20/17 Joseph W Magee Retiree Green Line
3/15/17 Cheryl Ann Moore Retiree Orange Line AFC
3/7/17 Paul L Callahan Jr. Retiree Red Line
3/5/17 Joseph A MacDonald Retiree Bennett St Bus
3/3/17 Thomas Paul Active Charlestown Bus

February 2017:
2/24/17 Darlene f Londino-Shaheen Retiree Bennett St Bus
2/20/17 Richard W Irvine Retiree Red Line AFC
2/16/17 Chanoine Augustin Active Green Line AFC
2/13/17 Karl Ohmstede Retiree Riverside Car House
2/12/17 Alberta Mattox Retiree Red Line AFC
2/8/17 James W Thrum Retiree Riverside Car House
2/5/17 John P Ryan Retiree Riverside Car House

January 2017:
1/27/17 John T O’Brien Retiree Green Line
1/27/17 William H. Morrell Retiree E.E. & M.
1/20/17 James A DiBiasi Retiree Reservoir Car House
1/7/17 Christopher Kougeas Retiree Green Line
1/7/17 George Brown Retiree Cabot Bus
1/4/17 Ronald P DeVuyst Retiree Green Line

November – December 2016:
Harles M. Bart
Thomas J. Cormican
Brian E. Doherty
Joseph M. Duggan
Dominick C. Giunta
John F. Houlihan
William J. Howard
Peter F. Mc Donough
Patrick J. Mitchell
John G. O’donnell
Jacques M. Pierre
Arthur F. Shea

September – October 2016:
Charles R. Ricker
James Russ

July – August 2016:
Antonio Cappuccio
John M. Flaherty
Fenix Jourdan
William J. Mackey
Francis D. Mc Donough
John T. Mulry
Tommaso Prestia
Noel Simmons
Vincent J. Zarrella

May – June 2016:
Charles F. Crumady
Antranig V. Hamparian
John J. Maher
Lawrence E. Marks
Samuel T. Payne
Hilton R. Pleasant
Robert M. Shea
Daniel T. Sullivan

March – April 2016:
Edward J. Brennan
James Dunbar Jr.
Joseph R. Fitzgerald
Lincoln M. Graham
Tameeka Udara Hinnant
Carl E Hosea Jr.
Thomas E. Kane
Joseph J. McGinley
James Minnifield
Angelo J. Taranto
Edmund A. Toomey
William E. Young

January – February 2016:
Patricia A. Driscoll
John S. Farrell
Francis R. Franzosa
John H. Griffin
Charles D. Kiely
Donald Kilgallon
Rose Knight
Pasquale V Magliozzi
Edmond J. Mc Grath
Paul A. Moran
Walter E. Partridge
Donald J. Stack
David P. Soto
Dewayne A. Walker Sr.
Harold D. Wood

November – December 2015:
William J. Cotter
James A. Garnett
Donald J. Hirl
Joseph A. Kern
Russell S. Rowling Sr.
Paul L. Ryan
Winston H. Spencer
Everett K. Tanner
John J. White

September – October 2015:
James Camerario
Kevin J. Dargan
William Edward Foley
Steven R. Miller
Arthur R. O’Brien

July – August 2015:
Vincent A. Caruso
Robert H. Driscoll
John M. Grealish
Hebrew R. Johnson

May – June 2015:
James H. Bishop Jr
Richard S. Campbell
John F. Carey
Richard H. Chanonhouse
Charles A. Collyer Jr
Eugene A. Cox
John J. Kane
Tommie J. Mc Call
John D. Myers
Kevin F. Nagle
John J. Nee
Alfred A. Pappalardo
Robert V. Reilly
Richard H. Thiffault
Walter E. Tobin

January – February 2015:
Herbert W. Burgess
Frank L. Cavaretta
Bruce Chan
Garret J. Collins
Robert E. Gardner
Patrick J. Hynes
John J. Kelly
Spero S. Pappas
Francis W. Paquette
John W. Ritchie
Stuart I. Rockman
John J. Sullivan

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